About Take My Face Off

Take My Face Off™ is a Los Angeles-based company that creates washing mitts and other skin cleansing products that are totally genius.


The Founder

Driving home from a concert late one Friday night, musician Amanda McIntosh was happily thinking ahead to her calming, soon-to-be-started bedtime routine. But then she realized that all of her washcloths were in the laundry. You see, Amanda likes to clean her face with oils (check it out here or here — it’s awesome), but oils require something to wipe with. Should she use soap, or just wipe the oil off with a paper towel? Neither was sounding good.

Amanda had been running out of washcloths a lot lately. And every time she went to the computer to order more, she couldn’t bring herself to click “buy.” She found washcloths ugly. And awkward. And coarse. And she hated to spend money on them, even though she needed them.

As she pulled into her driveway, Amanda thought—“Washcloths are seriously overdue for an upgrade. How hard can it be?”

Of course, it turned out to be a lot harder than she expected.  Five sewing machines, a lot of wine-sponsored brainstorming, hundreds of test fabrics, and dozens of designs later, Amanda introduced her friends and family to the Mitty®.

The company has grown and a few things have changed. While we’re still focused on bringing the best cleansing tools to market, we’re also trying to give skincare consumers wonderful reasons to break their dependence on pollution-causing disposables like cotton balls and facial wipes. The way we see it, your skin deserves better. So does our planet.