Anatomy of a Mitty

Washcloths are ancient. It's time for an upgrade.

  1. Problem: Washcloths are too bulky for small areas

    Solution: Thinner materials, plus our patented, genius Mitty detailer™

  2. Problem: Washcloths are coarse and irritate skin

    Solution: Sumptuous, ultra-gentle textiles

  3. Problem: Washcloths can be hard to control, especially for children

    Solution: The Mitty® washing mitt for grown-ups with optional thumb opening (A), and our MiniMitty™ for small hands and children (B)

  4. Problem: Washcloths are ugly, especially when wet

    Solution: Eye-catching design with the clever, double-duty Mitty detailer™ that fits over a hook to hang the Mitty® dry

  5. Problem: Washcloths are slow to dry

    Solution: Our combination of breathable fabrics and clever design speeds drying