The Mitty 4-Piece Set of Amazingly Effective Reusable Facial Cloths

Works Hard, Stays Soft

Why settle for rounds, wipes, or squares? The Mitty does it all, saving you storage space and hassle. The clever shape works better than other cleansing aids, even handling the lash line better than cotton swabs.

Also, the Mitty is the only reusable cleansing cloth that's made to work WITH skincare fluids. Our luxurious Korean plush absorbs less fluid, yet spreads it more evenly and smoothly across skin.  

You wind up using less makeup remover, cleanser, and toner while being gentler to skin. Our customers find they use about half as much liquid as they do with other facial rounds.

This set is equivalent to:

  • 12000 cotton balls (about the volume of a large chest freezer)

  • 8000 wipes, or about 320 pouches (about the height of a nine-story building)

  • 48 reusable makeup rounds

While most reusable makeup rounds are "greener" than disposables, they leave a lot to be desired. Most are made of cheap materials that aren't green at all. They get stained and ratty quickly, meaning they have to be replaced within months (whereas Mittys work for years). 

Finally, bamboo and cotton pads are too absorbent for skincare. They trap valuable fluids instead of spreading the goodness around skin. The fibers are too rough for sensitive tissue, leading to abrasion and tugging.

Note: cheaper microfiber cloths say you can use them with water alone (no cleanser). Don't do this to your skin! The rubbing action is bad for skin and they don't get you clean. If you already have one of those cloths, use it WITH cleanser.

Use Mittys® similar to how you might use a washcloth or cotton round

  • You can apply cleanser to your face and wipe off with a damp Mitty, or apply the cleanser directly to a damp Mitty and massage around the face.
  • Then rinse the Mitty clean and gently remove cleanser from your face.
  • Don’t forget the pointed Mitty Detailer® for effective, non-tugging eye makeup removal.
  • We like to use the larger blue Mitty for the full face and the black for eyes, pink for lips, and platinum for toner, but you can mix and match however you like.


  • Ultra-soft, long-lasting Korean polyester releases stains and stays soft after thousands of uses
  • Rounded end for larger areas, the pointed Mitty Detailer tip for small areas like the eyes
  • Medium size, fits over 3-4 fingers
  • Each set contains four fuzzy droplets of cleansing power
  • Color: Aqua, black, platinum, and pink
  • Sewn in USA of high-grade, imported Korean polyester

It grabs all the makeup and grime without tugging or abrading your delicate skin, and the pointed Mitty Detailer tip is perfect for small areas like the eyes and lash line.

Hand or machine washhang to dry or tumble dry warm. Avoid bleaching. No fabric softener.

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