Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, 1 oz


Our Organic Apricot Kernel Oil is one classy workhorse. Fresh, cold-pressed, and unfiltered, it has a nutty scent and a light, golden color. It’s our favorite skin cleanser–super-effective, no chemicals, AND it nourishes the delicate eye area.

Apply a few drops of Apricot Kernel Oil to your Mitty® Blackout™ for the gentlest eye makeup removal ever. Or massage a larger dollop around your whole face and wipe off with a damp Makeup Mitty®. No further cleansing required.

We keep a bottle on us at all times–we pat it on cheekbones as a natural highlighter, use it as a cuticle oil, apply to lips for extra shine, and even use a little for flyaways or dry ends of hair.

Bonus–when you’re done, peel off the label, wash the bottle and dropper with soapy water, and refill with more apricot kernel goodness, jojoba oil, or even olive oil (if you have dry skin). You don’t need bottle after bottle of the blue liquid!

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