Take My Face Off’s® flagship products are designed to handle the whole family. They combine exceptional quality, stylish design, and practical touches like the patent-pending Mitty Detailer™ that will turn them into bath time staples. The Mitty® and The MiniMitty™ contain our Mitty Detailer™ cleansing tool–a gently pointed pocket that fits over a finger for cleansing small or delicate areas, such as eyes, children’s ears, or babies’ skin folds. When you’re done, the Mitty Detailer™ works over hooks or bathroom hardware for hanging dry.

  • The Mitty® that started it all

  • The Mitty Detailer™ for cleansing small or delicate areas

The Original Mitty®

The Original Mitty® is great for all-around cleansing—it’s soft enough for sensitive skin, while providing gentle exfoliation. The stretch and shape fit most hands, and the cotton velour and French terry are opening eyes to a new world of cleansing luxury. Place your thumb inside or out to customize your fit, and use the thumb opening to hang your Mitty® to dry. The mitt design leaves means you’re not grasping the cloth, freeing up effort and focus for faster, easier cleansing. The Original Mitty® is great for adults, but we really love it for washing fidgety, slippery babies who need an extra hand at bath time.

Available for order soon.

  • The MiniMitty® comes sets of three

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    The Mitty Detailer™ in action

The MiniMitty®

The MiniMitty™ comes in sets of three miniature marvels, so no one has to share. We designed it for small adult hands and to help children bathe themselves, but our customers also love the cotton velour for makeup removal, targeted cleansing, touch-ups on the go, and even sensitive doggy ears.

Available for order soon.