The Mitty® Max Ultra-Gentle, Large Mitt for Face and Body

Say goodbye to rough washcloths, sponges, loofahs, and brushes!

Our Mitty Max replaces all of them! The high-performing Korean plush is made of ultra-fine, silky fibers that do a better job of reaching every millimeter of skin. As a result, they remove grime and dead skin more thoroughly than other products without the irritation and redness. The elegant shape is easy to use and fits all hand sizes. Finally, the pointed Mitty Detailer® tip means that even if you used the main surface on your body, you have a clean, hygienic area to use on the eyes and face. The Max is non-shedding and suitable for lash extensions.

The Mitty Max pairs with any cleanser, including gels, creams, soaps, and oils. Also, it’s ideal for removing masks! Similar to washcloths, the Mitty Max is best used damp. Apply cleanser directly to skin or to the mitt. To adjust fit, place thumb inside or out. Machine launder or hand wash for years of use.

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