Take My Face Off

Take My Face Off® creates the world's softest, most effective cleansing aids. At our HQ in the hills above Los Angeles, we're working hard to bring washcloths into the 21st century.

We're cute and cuddly on the outside, but serious and science-tastic on the inside. Our products cleanse better than anything else we've found while protecting the skin's elastin and barrier function. Also, we're the "greenest" cleansing aid out there: we've literally done the math, and our long-lasting Korean plush blows everything else out of the water (and ironically, it saves huge amounts of water as well).

Our Founder

Amanda McIntosh has always loved skincare and makeup, but it never occurred to her that she could make a career out of them.

Encouraged by her musical father (thanks, Dad!), she started off life as a classical musician and worked in symphony orchestras in Europe. Later, she joined the consulting practice founded by her mother (way to go, Mom!), and helped companies all of over the world improve their customer service operations.

On the way home from playing a concert a few years ago, she remembered that all of her washcloths were in the dirty laundry. A friend had turned Amanda on to a cleansing routine that required a washcloth. It was a great routine, except for the fact that washcloths were gross. She hated her stash of terrycloth, bamboo, and microfiber rags. She couldn't find anything better. Since she refused to spend more money on things she didn’t like, she often ran out before laundry day.

As she pulled into her driveway late that night, Amanda decided she would be the person to reinvent the washcloth. How hard could it be to create something less coarse, less clumsy, and less ugly?

Turns out, it was really hard. Hundreds of fabrics, many sewing machines, lots of legal mumbo jumbo, and several trade shows later, the Mitty was born.

As she developed the brand, Amanda learned more about beauty-related pollution. And so her project became a mission—she decided to offer products so beautiful, convenient, and effective that it would be easy for consumers to ditch their disposables.

Take My Face Off products first hit stores as part of the Sephora Collection. The Mitty can now be found in prestige and specialty retail stores across the country, as well as online.

Amanda is busy planning new product launches as well as eyeing expansions into other areas, such as men’s grooming and children’s products. She is a proud founding member of The F Project, a social-impact initiative aimed at raising the profile and economic success of female founders.

Take My Face Off's ultimate mission is to make it easy for consumers to improve the planet and their skin at the same time. All Take My Face Off products have quantifiable environmental benefits, but we also collaborate with and donate to organizations such as the Ocean Conservancy, Heal the Bay, the Pollinator Partnership, and the Trevor Project.