Take My Face Off® is a Los Angeles-based company that creates totally genius, reusable skin-cleansing products that are good for you and good for the planet.

A Texas native, Amanda McIntosh loved skincare and makeup from an early age, but she had no idea she could make a career out of it. So instead she pursued her other love, classical music, and worked her way into prestigious music schools in New York and Chicago before winning a position with an orchestra in Spain. After several years abroad, she and her trumpet player husband, Christopher Still, returned to the States. Amanda took what she thought would be a short-term job at her mother’s consulting practice. To her surprise, she found the job fascinating and wound up spending the next ten years consulting with multinational corporations in the US, South and Central Americas, and Asia, all the while using her vacation days to perform with various orchestras.

In 2007, Amanda’s husband won a full-time position with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras. She left consulting to focus on her music career and to start a family.

On the way home from playing a concert a few years ago, Amanda was frustrated when she remembered that all of her washcloths were in the dirty laundry. A friend had turned her on to a great cleansing routine involving oils, but she was constantly running out of fresh linen to use with them. She hated her stash of traditional terrycloth, bamboo, and microfiber rags, but couldn’t find anything softer. Since she refused to spend more money on things she didn’t like, she often ran out before laundry day.

As she pulled into her driveway, Amanda decided that washcloths were overdue for an upgrade. Why did they have to be coarse? And clumsy? And ugly?

Things progressed quickly, and over the next year, Amanda tested hundreds of fabrics, learned industrial pattern-making and sewing, worked out her branding, and eventually filed trademarks and patent applications for what would soon be known as Take My Face Off’s Mitty® line of cleansing tools.

As she was developing the brand, Amanda learned more about the sustainability issues in the beauty industry, and was troubled by consumers’ use of disposables like wipes and cotton balls. So her mission evolved—she not only wanted to provide softer, more effective cleansing aids, but products so beautiful and useful that disposables would be left behind.

Take My Face Off® debuted at Cosmoprof North America in 2016. The product was immediately noticed by a representative of the Sephora Collection, and a cobranded “Take My Face Off for Sephora Collection” version of the eye makeup remover was released in all domestic Sephora stores in July 2017.

Amanda is enjoying the rapid growth of her company, and is busy planning new product launches as well as eyeing expansions into other areas, such as men’s grooming and children’s products. She is a proud founding member of The F Project, a social-impact initiative aimed at raising the profile and economic success of female founders.