The Mitty Mini 3-Piece Gift Set of Reusable Cleansing Cloths in White and Pink

Our gift set is as "green" as a bouquet, but it lasts for years! The three mitts in this set can replace thousands of cotton balls and wipes!

Mitty Minis aren't just "greener" than cotton balls and wipes--they're better

  • Ultra-soft
  • Soaks up less cleansing fluid than cotton balls
  • Removes makeup and grime faster, with less rubbing
  • Non-shedding (suitable for lash extensions)
  • Stains come out in the wash
  • Grabs makeup, not skin

Some customers use the pink ones for makeup removal/cleansing and the white ones for toner, but there is no wrong way to use Mittys! (Except chemical solvents like nail polish remover--please don't do that.) Our high-performing Korean plush stays soft and effective after hundreds of washes. It works with all cleansers, including:

  • gel
  • cream
  • oil
  • makeup remover
  • micellar water
  • toner
  • essence

For extra softness, dampen before applying cleanser. Use the Mitty Detailer tips for sensitive areas like the eyes. Machine or hand wash (no hot temperatures or fabric softener, please).

Save money on disposables, use less of your skincare potions, and enjoy the treat of gentler, faster cleansing!

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