The Makeup Mitty® 3-pack Ultra-Gentle Reusable Makeup Remover

Say goodbye to cotton balls and disposable wipes!

The Makeup Mitty® is the ultra-gentle, ultra-easy way to cleanse skin!

It grabs all the makeup and grime without tugging or abrading your delicate skin, and the pointed Mitty Detailer tip is perfect for small areas like the eyes and lash line.

Use with any cleanser, then throw in the laundry for thousands of uses.

Use Makeup Mittys® similar to how you might use a washcloth.

  • You can apply cleanser to your face and wipe off with a damp Makeup Mitty®, or apply the cleanser directly to a damp Makeup Mitty® and massage around the face.
  • Then rinse the Makeup Mitty® clean and gently remove cleanser from your face.
  • Don’t forget the pointed Mitty Detailer™ for effective, non-tugging eye makeup removal.


  • Ultra-soft, long-lasting Korean polyester releases stains and stays soft after thousands of uses
  • Rounded end for larger areas, the pointed Mitty Detailer tip for small areas like the eyes
  • Medium size, fits over 3-4 fingers
  • Each set contains three fuzzy droplets of cleansing power
  • Color: Aqua
  • Sewn in USA of imported polyester

Hand or machine washhang to dry or tumble dry warm. Avoid bleaching. No fabric softener.

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