Mitty Mini Poinsettia Gift Set

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Goodbye cotton balls! 

Our gift set of 6 Mitty Minis (3 white and 3 gray) is the ultimate in skincare luxury. Each convenient finger mitt has a round side for larger areas and a pointed tip for delicate areas like the lash line. 

The Mitty Minis are arranged as "petals" on our large cardstock poinsettia tree ornament. Everything is held together with a silver-and-sparkle snowflake lapel pin. The item measures 7.5" high by 6.5" wide.

Use Mittys in place of cotton balls, wipes, and washcloths. Our Korean 100% polyester plush stays soft for years of use. Machine or hand wash with any mild detergent, then tumble or air dry. To maintain texture, avoid fabric softener and bleach.

To find our why Mittys are "greener" than anything on the market, click here.

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