The Mitty Ex Gentle Exfoliating Cloth

Kiss dead skin goodbye!

The Mitty Ex reveals glowing skin without irritation or redness. Our fine linen blend handles flaky skin and dry patches more precisely than gritty creams, coarse loofahs, or expensive skincare appliances. Use at the sink or in the shower.  

Cleanse your face with the black plush side, then polish things off with our beautiful linen blend. Reserve the Mitty Detailer tip for hygienic, gentle cleansing of the eyes or for touching up the hairline. 

You can rinse clean with any soap and hang by the Mitty Detailer® tip to dry, or toss in the laundry (no special care needed).

How to Use the Mitty Ex 

  • Think of the Mitty Ex like a bespoke washcloth. Apply cleanser to skin or to the dampened Mitty. 
  • Works with all skincare, including soap, cream, toner, makeup remover, oil, micellar water, gel, essence, etc.
  • Use the Mitty Detailer tip for sensitive areas and the round end for larger areas.
  • Use the plush black side for cleansing and the gray linen for gentle exfoliation. Adjust the fit by adding or removing fingers.
  • Be gentle! Your skin isn't a frying pan--no harsh rubbing!
  • Machine launder or hand wash for years of use.
  • Saves money and reduces waste (as compared to electric appliances, wipes, and cotton balls).

Sewn in the USA of imported linen/polyester and polyester plush.

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