30 Ways to Use a Mitty

August 13, 2020

  1. To take your face off ; )
  2. Eye makeup removal
  3. Toner application
  4. Essence application (read up on essence here)
  5. Mask removal
  6. Post-gym freshening up. Water and a Mitty are more thorough than wipes, and they don’t leave a residue on skin.
  7. Car trips with grimy children. Bring a spray bottle of water, a Mitty, a baggie to store them, and go.
  8. Vacations—so much better than hotel washcloths
  9. Motorcycle detailing (but please separate the motorcycle ones from the personal use ones)
  10. Doggie ear cleansing
  11. Kitty ear cleansing
  12. Doggie paw cleanup
  13. Eyeshadow fallout
  14. Eye makeup touch-ups
  15. Long-wear lipstick removal
  16. Elder care and invalid care—they’re soft enough for fragile skin
  17. Sunscreen removal without harsh exfoliation
  18. Tanning lotion application
  19. Application of products like glycolic acid
  20. Baby bathing
  21. Gently lifting the setting powder off of the baby hairs on your face (this can have the added bonus of making your face look more narrow, if that's your thing)
  22. Cleansing your face without messing up your ‘do
  23. Low-water skin cleansing (you don’t have to keep the tap running!)
  24. Cleansing for eczema- or rosacea-prone skin
  25. Acne care—Mittys get you extra clean without inflammation
  26. Benzoyl peroxide users—Mitty fabric is colorfast
  27. Men’s grooming—our fabric doesn’t shed on stubble
  28. Post-surgical or post-sunburn skincare
  29. Eyelash extension care (careful!)
  30. Hand puppets

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